2012 August Great Eccleston tractor pulling DVD

Great Eccleston, Lancashire

All the action and excitement from the spectacular Euro Cup and BTPA tractor pull at Great Eccleston, August 2012.

Feel the sheer power of these tractors as they roar into life. Pluming smoke, with wheels reaching for the skies, gathering speed, and fighting the sledge for every inch down the track. See full-on competition with Europe's finest in action in the 4.5T Modified class - multi engines, multi turbines in this, the world's most powerful motorsport. 

Plus, see full coverage of the awesome Super Stocks, Pro Stocks, Super Farm, 3.5T Modifieds, 950Kg Modifieds, the Garden Pullers, and Compact Diesel. It’s entertainment right from the start at one of the premier events on the European Tractor Pulling scene.

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2012 august great eccleston tractor pullimng dvd cover

1 hr 18 mins, PAL (UK) format DVD