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2020 NFAA Fuel Altereds Archive DVD - Nitro Warriors

from 2005 to 2011

at Shakespeare County Raceway and Santa Pod Raceway




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The creation of the Nostalgia Fuel Altered Association was an exciting time in British drag racing, and we were there to film the action right from the start way back in 2005, producing the annual season review DVD Nitro Warriors up until 2011.


This archive DVD brings you the highlights of the NFAA Fuel Altereds story in all its wild, seat of the pants glory with over 2 hours of wall to wall action.


Racing at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway, the class was instantly a fan favourite. Huge engine, short wheel base, shed loads of attitude, heading any which way but straight - this is what fuel altered racing is all about.


Bringing together new and existing altereds, the quarter mile times soon started to drop, and the speeds increased. Nitro methane or methanol powered, the bad boys and girls of the sport always put on a show, and no-one wanted to miss a single run.


6 seconds, 200 mph+, unpredictable to the extreme - you can't take your eyes off them for a second! Lawrie Gatehouse and Ollie Burn knew what they were doing when they set up the class, and UK drag racing was so much richer for it.






2020 nfaa fuel altereds archive dvd front cover - nitro warriors 2020 nfaa fuel altereds archive dvd reverse cover - nitro warriors

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Running Time 2 hours 6 minutes, PAL (UK) Format DVD


Filmed and Produced by Zeon TV




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