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2020 Outlaw Anglia Archive DVD - from 2000 to 2019

at Shakespeare County Raceway and Santa Pod Raceway



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We first filmed these guys back in the year 2000, and they were so entertaining that we filmed them whenever we could for the next 19 years. Mean handling, heads up racing from short wheel base cars, and drivers born to entertain – what’s not to love?


Based around ‘sit up and beg’ Ford Pops, Anglias, Fordsons and Prefects, these cars pack a punch and attract a following wherever they go. Huge burnouts, wheel standing launches – you don’t dare blink until the last one’s run.


For the first time ever we’ve gathered this archive material together onto one full action, fast paced DVD with more than 2 hours of wall to wall Outlaw Anglia.


Racing at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway you can follow the careers of some of the most fearless drivers in UK drag racing, and see just how far the class progressed in almost two decades.


With quarter mile times almost down to 6 seconds, at speeds approaching 200 mph, Outlaw Anglia shows no sign of slowing down. It’s one of the hottest tickets out there, so here’s to the next 20 years....






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Running Time 2 hours 4 minutes, PAL (UK) Format DVD


Filmed and Produced by Zeon TV




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** The Complete Series - All 6 2020 Archive DVDs. 2020 Archive Pro Mod, 2020 Archive Street Eliminator, 2020 Fuel Altereds, 2020 Archive Hot Rods at Shakey, 2020 Outlaw Anglia, 2020 Mopar EuroNats DVDs **


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** 2 X DVDs - 2020 Outlaw Anglia Archive DVD and 2017 Outlaw Anglia DVD **


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