2006 NFAA Nitro Warriors DVD

Santa Pod Raceway and Shakespeare County Raceway

Nostalgia fuel altered drag racing at its best - that was the 2006 NFAA season, and this is the DVD that followed the lot!

7 competition rounds at Santa Pod and Shakespeare County Raceway, England saw some of the closest racing you could want.

Awesome half track, side-by-side burnouts then pedal to the metal and hang on! 6 second quarter miles at over 200mph, but don’t forget, they’re altereds, so don’t expect them to run straight every time!

Wheels up launches, crackling nitro and pure entertainment - you’ve gotta love ‘em

2006 nitro warriors dvd cover

Plus - the B&J Nostalgia top fuel dragster, driver and crew interviews, awesome on-board footage, and a behind the scenes look at the building of Chaos. So close to the action you can almost smell the nitro! 1 hr 45 mins, PAL (UK) format DVD.

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